Helios Liquidity was formed in collaboration with Sharpe Capital, with the goal of making markets fairer, more accessible, and more robust. Helios has developed proprietary Market Making algorithms that produce the healthiest possible order-book, ensuring liquidity depth on both the buy and sell side at all times. These algorithms not only support price stability and enable inward investment, but they generate profit — profit that we share with our clients.

Helios also offers institutional investors and High Net Worth Individuals the opportunity to generate returns by providing BTC inventory for High Frequency Market Making on BTC-fiat pairs, leveraging Futures to minimize the risk of exposure to cryptocurrency price swings, while still earning the spread from cryptocurrency market inefficiencies.

Market Making

We provide high quality market making and liquidity provision services to our clients. Developed by our team of seasoned experts in equity and cryptocurrency markets, we adapt our proprietary technology to suit the liquidity needs and risk profiles of each client, providing an unparalleled high-touch service.

When we engage a new client, we establish their tolerance for inventory risk. This is a collaborative discussion that seeks to balance the desire to provide continuous liquidity on both the bid/ask side with the need to preserve inventory and profitability during adverse market events, such as a sudden sell-off of our client’s token.

Ensuring liquidity exists for your token is crucial from the moment it can be traded. Low liquidity assets are more susceptible to market manipulation and can lead to ‘pump and dump’ activities that destroy investor confidence. Liquidity is a pre-requisite for inward investment and growth of your virtual asset.

Understanding liquidity

Proprietary Trading, Escrow & Asset Management

We offer a variety of proprietary trading, OTC and escrow services to our qualified corporate clients and High Net Worth Individuals. We operate several private funds focused on High Frequency Trading and Market Making (HFT/HFMM) on BTC-fiat markets, leveraging dynamic hedging to entirely offset exposure to crypto markets while profiting from reducing its inefficiencies.

Investor Portal
James A. Butler

James A. Butler, PhD

Co-Founder — Hong Kong

After graduating with a PhD in statistical modelling, James worked as a Research Scientist at UC Berkeley and the University of Oxford. This experience, combined with a long-standing interest in economic theory, led to the foundation of Sharpe and Helios Liquidity. His focus now rests on asset management and ultimately solving the liquidity crisis faced in cryptocurrency markets, to enable inward investment and encourage mass adoption.

Lewis Barber

Lewis Barber

Co-Founder — London, UK

After graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Leeds in 2011, Lewis subsequently worked as a Technology Consultant in financial services for six years, before founding Sharpe with James and Israel in 2017. In 2018, he identified a liquidity crisis as one of the key issues for the blockchain adoption and co-founded Helios.

Israel Colomer

Israel Colomer

Co-Founder — Valencia, Spain

Israel graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in 2007. He has extensive experience leading technology companies at the startup and SME stage. At Sharpe & Helios, Israel is responsible for driving the technological development of the company’s IT infrastructure and software solutions.

Laura Toma

Laura Toma

CMO — Bucharest, Romania

Laura has a bachelor degree in Marketing, Communication and PR and ten years experience in marketing and business development. As Co-Founder and Head of Operations at Renowned@Co, she has helped many blockchain projects to successfully raise funds. At Helios, Laura is responsible for developing and applying the marketing and partner outreach strategy.

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